make a great impression


make a great impression

Fjord Creative is a graphic design studio located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Fjord is just a fancy name for the workings of Laura Vanderwel, who loves working with small business with big goals. You’re doing GREAT things—I think you should look good while doing them.

Branding for New Businesses

Perhaps you’re just starting out and need help introducing your vision to the world. The branding options are endless and without a little guidance, completely overwhelming!

Rebranding Packages

Maybe you’ve been at this a while and your branding no longer represents the true professional you are. You’re better than you’ve ever been–but your brand doesn’t reflect how much has changed!

Graphic Design Services

So your branding feels pretty good, but you need something special. Like a look book, or a snazzy new website, or maybe just some business cards that are a little less “business.”

I want to craft you an exceptional visual narrative to communicate your brand– generating greater trust, better market placement, and a great impression.

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"Laura is a graphic design genius. She made me weep with joy when she showed me the logo she designed for me; it was more than perfect, in a way I could have never dreamt in my wildest dreams."

Jennifer Pinkerton
Creator, Fraser Valley Wedding

"Not only is Laura the most talented graphic designer I have ever worked with but she understands how to work with non-designers. This is such an important skill! Laura is a creative-thinker, able to meet intense deadlines, and manages to keep a positive attitude through it all. A real pleasure to work with."

Robyn Roste
Content Marketer