Papa Joe’s

Overview: Brand Development for Papa Joe’s Smokehouse, a brand new operation with timeless great taste. They came to me with Papa Joe sketched on a napkin, and we worked him into existence, then added some context!

CLIENT: Papa Joe’s Smokehouse

PROJECT: Brand Development

Primary & Secondary Logo
Additional Elements

"Laura is a graphic design genius. She made me weep with joy when she showed me the logo she designed for me; it was more than perfect, in a way I could have never dreamt in my wildest dreams."

Jennifer Pinkerton
Creator, Fraser Valley Wedding

"Not only is Laura the most talented graphic designer I have ever worked with but she understands how to work with non-designers. This is such an important skill! Laura is a creative-thinker, able to meet intense deadlines, and manages to keep a positive attitude through it all. A real pleasure to work with."

Robyn Roste
Content Marketer