Oh man! This is real! The domain name I purchased in a flurry this summer, between beach trips and diaper duty, is no longer just a plan. The secret instagram account I’ve been filling with images isn’t just for me anymore (come follow me!). Fjord Creative is live! And the best part? I’ve got clients! 

Switching to freelance was never a for-sure plan for me. I had always considered it an option for “someday,” knowing that working as a Graphic Designer is actually optimal for at-home operation. As my maternity leave approached its end, it became obvious to me that returning to a full-time office job just wasn’t going to work for our family! Unfortunately, knowing what the “wrong” option is and knowing how to make the “right” one work are two very different things! But here I am. I’ve always freelanced for fun, taking jobs that came along and seemed exciting. I have a long history as a print designer, and have been working more with website design and information architecture in the three or four years. I really love illustration and using traditional mediums in my design work, and I’m looking forward to finding more ways to explore those. I’ve even dabbled in motion graphics, and would love to get more learnin in that direction so that I can make more beautiful things move!

But kids, the point here is that I’ve STARTED SOMETHING SPECIAL. Regardless of where this ends up, its going to be life-changing. I’ve already had to face down my self-confidence and monetary-value demons, and I’m sure there are more lurking around the corner! But I’ve also experienced so much encouragement and affirmation on this new direction, and while the scary stuff is still scary, the exciting stuff just becomes more exciting. And now I’m blogging…! I’m hoping to use this space to share work, inspiration, tips and tricks (for all you money-saving DIYers), and of course generate some exposure.

But I’d love to hear from you! Is there anything you think I could help you with?