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If you’re anything like me, having important events listed in your phone just isn’t enough. I’ve got you covered! The “things to remember” perpetual wall calendar is the perfect place to note down all the important dates in you and your loved ones’ lives. You can hang it wherever you’ll see it most (really, anywhere, but…probably beside the toilet) for regular reminders of those important milestones!

However, this calendar is not just about practicality.
You and I both know that birthdays and anniversaries aren’t the only things we forget. I’ve chosen 12 words that I’m pretty sure we could all use more of. Some of them are meant to get you going, some of them are meant to make you pause. Wherever these words find you, I hope you’ll take the time to reflect and be reminded of the important things.

generosity // optimism // curiosity // hospitality // bravery // prayer // kindness // listen // endurance humility // persistence // dependence

“Laura is a graphic design genius. She made me weep with joy when she showed me the logo she designed for me; it was more than perfect, in a way I could have never dreamt in my wildest dreams.”

Jennifer Pinkerton
Creator, Fraser Valley Wedding

“Not only is Laura the most talented graphic designer I have ever worked with but she understands how to work with non-designers. This is such an important skill! Laura is a creative-thinker, able to meet intense deadlines, and manages to keep a positive attitude through it all. A real pleasure to work with.”

Robyn Roste
Content Marketer